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Tel Aviv is the buzzing place in Israel. However, if you venture just outside this lively city, you will find a hidden gem with some of the best food, culture, and activities in Israel, Jaffa. 

Ideally, perched on the Mediterranean’s edge, this city is making a name for itself by offering a little bit of everything. It has lively restaurants, unbelievable art spaces, and a flea market with treasures beyond your imagination.

The city has been undergoing a renaissance over the past decade. This has transformed it into a city of contrasts. One of the most significant indications if this is the communities that live in harmony in the town. It is home to a vibrant multiethnic community of Muslims, Christians, and Jews.  It is one of the reasons why this city is so fascinating.

Israeli Dance and Theater

My friend was telling me that a trip to Israel is just not done without indulging in dance and theater. There is no better place to find this than Jaffa. It is the home of Mayumana, a combination of humor, visual effects, rhythm, and Israeli chutzpah. The show can be found wedged between Jaffa’s Old City and Old Port. The troupe dates back to 1996, and each dance is a display of more than 20 years of discipline and passion. The troupe recently included international performers who join the Israeli core on tours around the world. They have performed in over 70 cities for millions of fans, and you could be the next to experience this outstanding performance.

Best Hummus in Israel 

It may be a serious debate, but you should decide whether Jaffa has the best hummus in the country. Many tourists and locals have pointed out that this city boasts the tastiest hummus in Israel provided by the sons and grandsons of the late Abu Hassan. Jaffa is home to three Abu Hassan restaurants in Jaffa. Two of them are known as gas stations for refueling bellies because you can never have enough. The third restaurant is for selling meat and the vast Arabian staple meal, masabaha ma’a full. Compliment your meal with a cold non-alcoholic malt beer for sipping. It is an authentic experience of all means. 

Art and Culture 

Years ago, artists in Israel were given studios and homes in the small cobbled streets of Jaffa’s Old City. With years passing by, these streets have gained new residents who have joined the older generation in crafting and selling ceramics, fair trade items, high-end items, and other crafts. The ancient city is home to exciting treasures at a bargain price. The nooks and crannies also present underground mosques and churches, unlike any you have seen before. They are a marvelous site that offers a little history of this vibrant city. 

Flea Market

If you are looking for a souvenir 5o commemorate your trip, this is sure to check Jaffa’s flea market. The Shuk Ha’Pishpishim is an old market between old and new items. You can find antiques and old as from the 1960s to second-hand clothes, and nee cotton items. At ever your choice, you are sure to fi D something that matched your style.